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Physiotherapy in Pain Management

Physiotherapy is a vital aspect of pain management for a wide range of conditions.

Many pain management strategies, such as medication or intervention techniques, will provide only temporary relief of your symptoms. Our goal is to provide a long-term solution to your pain by addressing the underlying cause. For this reason we may recommend that you undertake physiotherapy in conjunction with other appropriate pain management techniques.

Physiotherapy is used to treat both acute and persistent pain conditions. Where your pain is the result of musculoskeletal or nerve trauma, physiotherapy can be particularly effective at rehabilitating the area. By strengthening and retraining your body to recover from injury, we can help to prevent acute conditions from progressing to persistent conditions.

If your condition is persistent, physiotherapy can help to alleviate your symptoms and improve your mobility, posture and flexibility, enhancing your function and quality of life. Physiotherapy also helps to relieve stress and can have a very positive impact on your mental health and mood.

Our physiotherapists will develop a program of exercises and stretches that you can practice regularly at home, as an integral part of your self-management strategy.