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Case Conferences

Case conferences are a vital step in managing workplace or compensable injuries. A case conference is an opportunity for everyone involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of an injured worker to meet, discuss the case and set shared goals for their rehabilitation.

A case conference will usually be attended by the injured employee and some or all of the following parties:

  • Their employer
  • The doctors involved in their treatment
  • Representatives of their WorkCover insurance provider
  • Their return to work coordinator
  • Any other specialists, therapists or coordinators involved in their rehabilitation program

Pain Matrix will provide expert facilitation services to guide your case conference towards an agreed set of positive outcomes. These may include:

  • Establishing a clear picture of the employee's condition and capabilities
  • Identifying and overcoming any mental or physical obstacles which are impeding the employee's rehabilitation
  • Setting mutually agreed goals and timescales for each phase of the rehabilitation and return to work process
  • Agreeing the roles and responsibilities of each party in achieving those goals
  • Establishing a methodology for the measurement of progress against those goals

All our practitioners are skilled in conflict resolution and negotiation. Their role is to ensure that your case conference progresses efficiently, reaches agreement and results in clearly defined strategies that have the understanding and commitment of all parties.