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At Pain Matrix we take a multi-faceted approach to managing pain. We will work with you to find a dynamic solution to your needs, using a tailored combination of strategies, techniques and therapeutic approaches.

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Advanced Pain Therapies

For severe persistent pain there are a number of advanced strategies we can consider to reduce the impact of your condition, such as Intrathecal drug delivery systems. These can provide longer-term alleviation of pain symptoms.

Case Conferences

Case conferences are an important step in the rehabilitation of an injured worker. We provide expert case conference facilitation and negotiation services to ensure a positive and timely outcome.

Interventional Management of Back and Neck Pain

Interventional procedures can alleviate pain symptoms for several months. During this period of relief we may recommend physiotherapy or other therapeutic approaches to enhance your recovery by addressing the underlying causes of your pain.

Mindfulness Groups

Mindfulness is a powerful psychological practice that can reduce the impact of pain and considerably improve your quality of life. Our mindfulness groups will guide you towards understanding and mastery of this technique.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic or nerve pain can have a number of causes, including illness or trauma. We treat neuropathic pain with a range of medications or combination therapy, based on international best practices.

Pacing Skills Group

How do you know when you've overdone it? Most people push themselves until the pain tells them to stop. Then they rest until the pain settles and then they try again. This pattern can start to repeat itself and in time, the pain is in control of what you do, rather than you.

Pacing is a 3-week (2-hour sessions) program designed to help you do more of what is important to you, reduce flare-ups and increase activity levels.

Pain Management Plans

Your individual pain management plan is a customised approach to managing your symptoms. It may incorporate a number of strategies including medication, intervention techniques and physical or psychological therapies.

Physiotherapy in Pain Management

Physiotherapy addresses the underlying cause of many pain conditions and can deliver ongoing improvements in mobility and flexibility. We often recommend physiotherapy as a complement to other pain management strategies.

Psychology in Pain Management

Effective treatment of persistent pain involves addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of living with pain. Psychological support can help you to cope with the impact and consequences of your pain, such as anxiety, insomnia or depression. It also enables the resilient mindset that promotes faster healing and recovery.

Self-Management Therapies

Self-management therapies can enhance the effects of your prescribed pain management treatments. We provide guidance and support to help you acquire and apply these skills to improve your quality of life.


Our state-of-the-art musculoskeletal Ultrasound equipment enables our doctors and physiotherapists to efficiently diagnose and guide therapy and to confirm the success of prescribed treatments and exercise patterns.