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Ganglion Impar Block

What is a Ganglion Impar Block?

A ganglion impar block is a procedure used to decrease some of the symptoms of persistent pelvic or rectal pain by blocking nerve impulses.

What is The Purpose of a Ganglion Impar Block?

The ganglion Impar (also known as Ganglion of Walther) is a condensation or collection of nerves very low down in the back just on the inside of junction of the tailbone. These nerves supply some of the structures around the area between the legs and some of the pelvis. For some painful conditions in this area blocking the ganglion Impar may result in a reduction in pain.

How is determined whether a Ganglion Impar Block is appropriate?

The Specialist in Pain Medicine Physician at Pain Matrix may advise this block following a detailed history and examination. Consent will be discussed with the patient in detail and any questions addressed. This will include consideration of the benefits, risks and alternatives to this procedure.

How is a Ganglion Impar Block Performed?

The block is performed in the operating room under sterile conditions using image intensification (x-rays) to guide the precise placement of a small needle. The patient is normally given some sedation to allow comfortable positioning for the procedure.

What Happens After The Procedure?

The procedure itself takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Most of this is identifying the exact location of the anatomy. The patient is transferred to the recovery room and back to the ward. Most importantly the effects of the block will be recorded by the patient on a diary supplied Pain Matrix. Consideration of a more permanent radio frequency lesion of these nerves will be taken in discussion with the patient following completion of the pain diary.

Please make sure you have made follow-up arrangements with your Pain Specialist (either by phone or an in-person appointment).