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Pain Matrix Eastern & Dynamic Pain Care are Merging together

The Directors of Pain Matrix Geelong (Doctors Michael Vagg, Brett Chandler and Diarmuid McCoy) are delighted to let you know that they are establishing a private practice of specalist pain medicine in the Box Hill area. Pain Matrix Eastern will be located at Suite 8, 28-30 Arnold Street, Box Hill 3128. Dr Angela Chia will be joining Pain Matrix Eastern as a new...

Medical Marijuana/Medicinal Cannabis

Dr Nash and Dr McCoy have been asked to contribute a paper on the evidence around so called medical marijuana or medicinal cannabis. Please click HERE to see the summary...

The International Cadet Class Sailing Team

Website Sailing1 The international Cadet Class sailing team recently visited Geelong for a training weekend. All the staff of Pain Matrix Geelong are very proud that our colleague Tristan Shipsides, was asked to lead a session of...

Major Pain Conference in Torquay

Pain Matrix is proud that one of our Specialist Pain Medicine Physicians Dr Jacqui Nash has been invited by the Faculty of Pain Medicine  at the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists,  to convene the annual scientific spring meeting in September 2017.  

Titled “Transcending pain:...

Migraines in childhood and adolescence: more than just a headache

Article by Dr Michael Vagg


Headaches are uncommon in toddlers. But between the ages of three and seven, around 5% to 50% of children experience headaches of some type. From seven to fifteen years, headache prevalence peaks at up to 75%. The vast majority of headaches experienced are tension-type headaches that don't need specific treatment. But a...

Health Check: What Causes Headaches?

Article by Dr Michael Vagg


We all get headaches from time to time. In fact, nearly every second person in the world had a headache at least once in the past year. But these can feel very different, depending on which of the nearly 200 types of headache you have.

More than half (52%) of people will have a tension-type headache at some point in...

How badly do we want to solve this $32bn dollar persistent pain problem?

Article by Dr Michael Vagg


This week is National Pain Week so it's only fitting that I should climb onto the soapbox again in support of people with persistent pain, their employers, workmates, friends, and families. The economic burden of persistent pain in our country is enormous, and the arguments in favour of a coordinated national response are...

When business trumps evidence, dangerous things happen

Article br Dr Michael Vagg


Ketamine is a drug which was originally used in anaesthesia, but which is now more often used in managing pain. It acts upon a range of different neurotransmitter systems in the body and it's not a drug you would expect an average primary care doctor to be very familiar with.

I am therefore heartened at the news that...

Peter Overton's Unexpected Back Pain (featuring Pain Matrix)

Report by A Current Affair


'A Current Affair' report featuring Dr Michael Vagg and two Pain Matrix patients who have gained fantastic results over the last year in treatment of their persistent pain.

Opioids may not be the most harmful pain drugs after all…

Article by Dr Michael Vagg


We have seen plenty of media reporting of the harm done by "overprescribing" of opioid drugs for chronic pain (I use the quotation marks because I challenge anyone to identify what the "right" level of opioid prescribing is) but perhaps this hype is misleading. A new paper from a Melbourne research group suggests we may be...

Hope in a bottle: Use of natural medicine on the rise despite unproven alternative therapies

Article by Mandy Squires (Geelong Advertiser)


Featuring Dr Michael Vagg


As a Deakin University researcher, Dr Mel Thomson is well placed to sort science from snake oil.

Twenty years of academia has given the mum of two the ability to find, read and understand complex scientific papers and quickly assess the legitimacy of...

Hope in a bottle: Use of natural medicine on the rise despite unproven alternative therapies (Geelong Advertiser)

'Geelong Advertiser' report featuring Dr Michael Vagg.

Got chronic pain? Just un-learn to live with it…

Article by Dr Michael Vagg


At the recent conference of the Australian Pain Society, I was delighted to see what had come of a very interesting research thread that I had been introduced to a few years ago. It concerns the role of learning circuits in the brain and their contribution to maintaining persistent pain.

Prof Herta Flor is a German...

Geelong patients first in southern hemisphere to trial revolutionary pain relief (Geelong Advertiser)

'Geelong Advertiser' report featuring Dr Diarmuid McCoy, Dr Brett Chandler and Dr Michael Vagg.

Pain Matrix patients first in southern hemisphere to trial revolutionary pain relief

Article by Mandy Squires (Geelong Advertiser)


Four Geelong patients are the first in the southern hemisphere to be treated with a cutting-edge pain management device. Of the four patients to be treated with the promising percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS) device at Geelong Private Hospital on Wednesday, two suffered from chronic...

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